4 Changes Indian Education System Needs to Undergo

4 Changes Indian Education System Needs to Undergo
Indian Education system has always been alleged by students, parents and teachers for some or the other reason. While the students think they are overburdened, parents feel they should earn 99.99% and teachers think they are underpaid.  
Although, it has undergone many recent changes lately, there is a lot more to do. Here are the 4 things about the Indian education system that should change soon.

Rote learning
No doubt many of the IB schools in India are trying to bring in interactive education but the evil of rote learning is yet to be swiped out of a majority of schools. Owing to the fixated style of paper pattern, rote learning has unbendingly continued.
It won’t come as a surprise if you see a student not clear with the basic foundation concepts even after graduation. You might also see children mugging up balanced equations before examination hall. It is this one of the fundamental changes that is required to come in our education system.

Marking System
The second evil that prevails in our Indian education system is how the students are marked. Is it justified to evaluate a student only on the basis of his/her performance in the 3-hour duration exam? It is important that grading and marking also includes classroom participation, project performance, communication skills and extracurricular activities. It is only then a genuine student will truly shine out.

Respect for all streams
You might often hear elders saying that a degree in humanities or a diploma in hospitality management is not worth doing at all.  Because after all, what monetary gain can u hold with these. You might end up becoming a teacher or cook, that’s it! If this is what you say or hear, it’s time to stop it. It’s time that we understand what kind of different streams exist and what importance each of them holds in the Indian economy. 

Variety in education streams
You will often see students being envious with their counterparts in the USA. Have you ever wondered why? It’s because in India, the students are left with just three options after 10th: Science, Arts or Commerce. If they are not good enough for these, they are sent straight to diplomas and certificate courses. 
It’s time that Indian education system introduces combination courses where students can opt for a major and a minor subject. It is similar to how students in America pursue Physiotherapy with Art History and Physical Science with Photography.

Although the situation is disappointing, there is hope for things to get better. Some of the selected education providers are beginning to introduce these changes. But how long will it takes these changes to percolate down to common man, only time will tell.