About us

We started with a simple idea to empower educational institutes with free software that is easy to use and automates several day to day tasks that has grown into a full-fledged solution now. You can carry your entire institute management life cycle, update your website and maintain volumes of data via our software. You can even perform a variety of cool activities like uploading event photographs via the mobile application. The app even allows teachers to take attendance via table or mobile which gets updated in real time and accounts department can print receipt from printer over a wifi connection.

It’s all really simplified for you.

We, at EducationStack, believe that on-going product development is the only way to keep pace with the ever changing world. We work in close co-ordination with the institutes to understand their needs and strive to update our software system in the best possible manner.

Our philosophy

At EducationStack, we live and relive technology. We believe that technology can be a game changer, especially for education system. It can help teachers, students, parents and management stay connected and exchange information in ways that are modern and quick. It will allow schools and colleges to concentrate on providing quality education rather than bogged down with arduous day to day tasks.

We understand that technology is hard to afford and thus, we make it available to you free of cost. We want you to realize your full potential through the use of technology. A better educational institute can add a tremendous value to society and we are doing our share of work to make it happen.