Improve communication in institutes with digital technology

Improve communication in institutes with digital technology
There are many tools that can help enhance student learning, foster recruitment and support staff development in schools and colleges. Some of such tools are discussed below.

Student learning

Browser-based technologies like Google apps and Google+ communities have proven themselves as powerful tools enabling staff & students to come in collaboration and extend education beyond classroom. This empowers teachers to share information and feedback more easily than ever before.

Engaging staff and students

Alongside Google apps, there are platforms like Smore, VideoScribe and that offer great ways to communicate with individuals across the institute’s community. These tools allow for creation of an online wall to post feedbacks during an event, send promotional flyers and more.

Other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube provide an effective way to instant share a popular news or deliver messages of public importance.

Mobile Version of Institute Website

Developing a mobile version of institute website is an absolutely great way to boost student recruitment. These days, most of the young people have access to tablets or smartphones. As such, targeting young clients via this technology is a direct way to invite them out for a new course and get them enrolled no matter what. This is especially suitable for colleges.

In fact, there are some companies that are offering a complete institute management solution including school (or college) management software, website with mobile version and apps. One of such companies is EducationStack.

Institute management software

The Institute management software offered by them is a great tool for managing students from the point of enrollment to their point of completing or leaving the school or college, say final certification.

The software manages every aspect of school administration from managing library and school inventory to employee and transport management.

However, for this to work effectively, it is important that staff feels comfortable working with the new technologies and one of the ways to do this is by encouraging them to work in  co-operation with technology developers like EducationStack. For example, the support team can help them understand how this technology, institute management software, is evolving in the workplace. It is only then that they can understand the true importance of it and work comfortably with it.