Education and Technology

education technology
Now, we've entered an era in which technology is no longer an intimidating novelty. Its use in business and industry is both accepted and expected. And pressure abounds -- from school boards, parents and certainly from the popular press -- for educators to get on board and see to it that technology becomes an integral part education system. Those of us who remember the 1990s, when computers were first making their way into our classrooms, probably also remember a great deal of bad software. As educators, we were unfamiliar with the technology and uncertain about its possibilities. But scenario has completely changes since then. Technology and has developed to an extent that is has become user friendly, adaptable and maneuverable to be used as a tool.

Technology in Teaching

Technology provides numerous tools that teachers can use in and out of the classroom to enhance student learning. From smart black-boards to smart class, even the tiniest bit of integration is possible for making a better experience and making students better understand the concepts in not just theoretical way but also implementing the practical approach. There is a wide use of audio-visual  and to such extend that special characters are being designed for making education system attractive to the students of young age. Textbooks are being converted into online learning making course available out of the regular classrooms.

Technology in Management

Technology is not being limited in perusing the students to become better learner but is also helping in managing the institutes which are the epitome of our education system. There are developments of school management software, which helps in covering all the aspects that school, as an education institute deals with. From fees reminder to staff management and even transportation management, everything is being taken care by the software which in turn release the burden from the teachers of managing things and make them better educators.