Only NCERT books for CBSE schools

Reducing the curricular burden by minimizing the number of books, the Central Board of Secondary Education has asked schools across India to adhere to the norms of 'Learning without burden'. CBSE schools follow syllabi prescribed by the NCERT up to the middle-class level and the syllabi prescribed by the CBSE from Class IX to XII. However, the board often receives reports and complaints regarding the pressure exerted on children and their parents in several schools to buy an excessive number of textbooks. Often, it is seen that schools compel children to purchase and use books of publishers other than NCERT which are costly, voluminous and unscientifically designed. This practice of schools is
jeopardizing the proper learning activities by exerting pressure on students and parents are being forced to buy additional textbooks by the schools.

Heavy school bags

This has not only developed mental pressure on the students but has also exerted physical pressure. Referring to books other than NCERT, the students have to bring those books to the school turning their bags heavy. According to the policy, the maximum weight of a schoolbag for Classes I and II should be 2kg; for Classes III and IV, 3kg; for Classes V to VII, 4kg; and for Classes VIII to XII, 6kg but the reality is far
from it.

Welcoming the change

This enforcement by CBSE will help students in a lot of ways, firstly it will ease off the pressure of studies, and the students will now have to comprehend their studies only from limited and good books. Secondly it will not create a burden of the expense on parents for buying books of private publications. These books come off a high price resulting in more money being spent on the education of the child. Thirdly it will lighten the school bags of students, which will be a big physical relief to them as school nowadays are multi-storied and students have to carry heavy bags through stairs.