First woman of Indian Education

First woman

The education system is flourished in the early centuries of civilization and then saw a constant downfall for about thousand years. The Indian education system finally perished during the time of the reign of British in India. Later when things started to stabilize and people again deviated to focus on educating the youth of the country a western education system took its footsteps in the Indian education scenario and lot of missionary schools started unfolding their education beliefs. This was also the time when Indian people started opening their own setups to increase the outreach of education to oppressed and underprivileged. The only woman that stood out in that era also referred as the first woman
educationist in India, is Mrs. Savitri bai Phule.

Early life and inspiration

Mrs. Phule was born in Naya Ganj oh Satara District in the state of Maharashtra in 1831. At the age of 9, she got married to one of the most iconic figures during the Indian freedom struggle who is Mahatma Jyoti Rao Phule. After her marriage, she got home schooled by her husband who was himself studying rom Scottish Mission High School of Pune and passed secondary education from the same school. After understanding the importance of education and seeing her husband declining a government job she got inspired and took an oath to help her husband in performing social reforms even at the cost of her life.

The first girls school

Mrs Phule along with her husband started a school dedicated to girls in 1848 in Pune and became the headmistress and took the charge of the school. It was the time when educating a girl child was almost banned in India. She did voracious campaign and admitted various Brahmin girl children in her school along with girls from lower casts as well. Later she also started another school amidst the community of untouchable and her constant efforts for education the girl child earned her the reputation she holds till date.