Inventory Management System Software

The inventory management system software enables powerful management of your school or college inventory. You can manage all of your transactions through this software, like buying and selling of prospectus, belts, books, dresses or any other materials to students, teachers or parents. You can add all of the details in the individual transactions and can check later on as to what type of transactions those were.

Inventory is all about buying and selling; like you buy books and sell it to students. In inventory, you have a profit and loss and the software enables you to keep track of it. Basically, it allows you to keep track of how much money you make and spend on this buying and selling stuff.

The module allows you to keep track of all your inventory items and the same can be easily sorted. Appropriate reports concerning the issue of the stock items to the employees are also available. Over the time, you can also generate annual reports on consumption as well as revenue generation on the items in the inventory. Such a record imparts a sense of accountability on the supervisor to the use of all such items.

The typical features of inventory management system software include

  •  Vendor Management: You can easily add/edit/delete your vendor details in the database.
  •  Stock Management: You can add and maintain a complete list of your inventory items through the software.
  •  Transaction Management: You can maintain separate purchase and sale lists in the database for efficient recording of the transactions. You can even add additional information like what items is sold to what person; student, employee or guest.
  •  Receipt Generation: You can even print item receipts through the software.
  •  Report Generation: The software enables you to print consolidated reports for analysis.
  •  Powerful search: The system enables you to perform detail inventory search; so that you can get your hands on the desired information as quickly and easily as possible.

Inventory management system software is all you need for efficiently managing your school or college inventory. Call us now or drop an email to get in touch with our customer representative and we will be happy to serve you.