Library Management Software

The library module enables effective management of your school or college library. It automates your entire library while streamlining the librarian tasks with options like Book Search. In addition, you can easily monitor who is taking what book and when it is due. Basically, you can keep a complete track of the book issue and return details, thereby enabling you to check the status of a book as and when required.

The library management software takes care of all library systems and maintains track record of books arrived, issued, returned or lost.

The typical features for library management include:

  •  View/Edit/Delete/Add books
  •  Manage Book issues and returns
  •  Keep track of the issued books to teachers, students or guests
  •  Issued/Renewed book status
  •  Manage book renewals
  •  View book issue history
  •  Print consolidated reports
  •  Manage centralized video library
  •  Normal and detail book search
  •  Manage books with multiple copies
Other useful features:

Our library management software is a solution to many of your library problems like book lending issues, book tracking, book search etc. which are otherwise quite cumbersome and time consuming.

Automation is definitely the need of hour and it’s time that you dump those big junky files and move to this smarter solution.

If you have any query or you want our software installed on your systems, call our customer representative today and we will be happy to serve you.