Student Management Software

Student Management is a critical problem in schools and colleges. Our institute management software allows you to manage all student data with super ease, comfort and efficiency. It allows you to manage almost all student activities and operations in one go. The software maintains separate records for every student in your school or college and enables you to get access to this complete information about a specific student with a single click. These details may include personal details, guardian details, photographs, session, fee details, exam results, attendance details and so on. You can even generate reports, and print fee receipts and transfer certificates, all through a same interface.

The typical features for student management include:

  •  Student Search: The student management software allows you to manage all student data with a powerful search.
  •  Student Fee List: You can maintain fee records of individual students, print fee receipts, check outstanding fees and send pending fee reminders to respective students.
  •  Student Subject List: The software allows you to maintain student-wise subject details.
  •  Student Exam List: The software assists in supervising all student activities and their performance by maintaining exam records and allowing you to generate class-wise or individual student reports.
  •  Student Exam Subject List
  •  Attendance Search: The software facilitates easy and quick attendance check.
  •  Student Period List: You can define and maintain period list for individual students.
  •  Student Attendance List: You can add and maintain student attendance with much ease. This is quite helpful in evaluating the performance of students and maintaining discipline in the institute.
  •  Student CBSE Report: The software supports your requirement to create reports for CBSE board apart from the state boards.
Other useful features:
  •  Manage/move student across sessions
  •  Print additional documents like character certificates
  •  Print student identity card
  •  Add special comments (like performance indicators)
  •  Maintain previous institute history
  •  Send birthday notifications